Josh Graham

Sometimes known as the “Chief Dispenser of Pleasantries”, Josh has over 27 years experience in the software industry. Constantly learning and pragmatically using his knowledge to empower teams and deliver real value to stakeholders, he is a renowned distributed computing expert, speaker, track host, and chair at conferences on SOA, enterprise architecture, agile software delivery, and technology innovation. He is a “modern enterprise architect”, applying the principles of agile software development and software craftsmanship across architectural disciplines.

As the CTO of mPort, Josh leads the technology and R&D vision of the world’s first fully automated 3D body mapping solution to empower people by simply, safely and quickly capturing key measurements and utilising the information to lead a confident and healthy life.

Josh was the Chef de Technology at Canva, cooking up a batch of delicious technology to disrupt the graphic design industry. He was also Atlassian’s SaaS Architect, coaxing the world’s leading issue tracking, collaboration and software development tools into the cloud. Before that, Josh spent years learning from the best - architecting, developing and integrating large scale Java, Ruby, and C# systems at ThoughtWorks and Hashrocket.

Josh co-un-organizes the AIT Workshops, fka speakerconf, and also contributes to the Resource-oriented Client Architecture (ROCA) recommendations.

He believes the software industry is a vehicle to help change the world to be a better place; that it is a field belonging to passionate, engaged, intellectual and ethical individuals; and that it is and should always remain accessible to those from all walks of life.

You may have already met Josh at a bar.